Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Day Protesters Plan SF Bay Area Events

On tax day, several Bay Area rallies and other events are scheduled to draw attention to the federal tax code, which allows some millionaires and billionaires to pay a lower effective tax rate than middle income earners.

*At 10 am on the UC Berkeley campus on Sproul Plaza, the California Public Interest Research Group will release a report detailing corporate abuses of offshore tax havens.

*At 11:30 am, in front of the Walnut Creek post office 2070 North Broadway, a rally will call on corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share.

*At 11:50 am, in front of San Francisco City Hall, a group of upper-income San Franciscans will ask the government to raise their taxes.

*At Noon in San Francisco in front of the Fox Plaza Station Post Office at 1390 Market Street, a rally by a group promoting a "California Budget for the 99%".

*From Noon - 5 pm at the Oakland Federal Building, 1301 Clay St., a day of action against military spending.

*At 3 pm in Oakland, a roving flash mob of tax protesters leaves Frank Ogawa Plaza. They plan to rally at the Oakland Federal Building from 4-5 pm.

*At 3 pm in Oakland, a rally in front of othe Civic Center Post Office, 201 13th St by the group promoting a "California Budget for the 99%".

*At 3:30 Occupy Oakland holds a tax day protest outside the Oakland Main Post Office,
1675 7th St. in solidarity with postal workers who are fighting to preserve their jobs.