Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Communities of Color Urge Policing Changes before Assembly Committee

An assembly committee on the status of boys and men of color held a hearing on community safety and justice issues, with testimony from activists and community groups calling for more spending on social programs instead of policing. The hearing comes in the wake of continued controversy over police use of force, including police killings of unarmed African American and Latino civilians in California and across the nation. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Solar Workers Rally for Net Metering

Solar workers are calling on the California Public Utilities Commission to continue supporting the fast-growing solar rooftop market in California, by preserving a program that lets solar customers’ electric meters run backwards when they produce more energy than they use. It’s a program called net metering, and the advocates are pushing back against utility industry proposals to end the program. Christopher Martinez reports from San Francisco.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bay Bridge Broken Bolt Raises New Questions

Troubles on the new bay bridge eastern span continue, with new revelations that a steel rod anchoring the bridge tower to its foundation has fractured. Workers have removed the broken rod, which they will send to a lab for further testing. Bridge officials say the problem poses no safety risk, but it raises new questions about what caused this latest problem, and who will be liable for repair costs. Christopher Martinez reports from Oakland.

Governor Brown Joins Leaders on Climate Change Agreement

Governor Jerry Brown has joined with leaders from 11 other states and provinces in North America and Europe to form a partnership to fight climate change. The 12 states that signed the agreement represent 100 million people with a GDP of $4.5 trillion, all hoping to put pressure on national governments before an international climate change forum in December. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.
Ahead of Chevron’s shareholder meeting in San Ramon on May 27th, Richmond City Council members along with the Richmond Progressive Alliance, environmental groups, and members of the Richmond community rallied around 100,000 plus petition signatures in support of a shareholder resolution that calls on Chevron to end its spending to influence elections. Pacifica's Mike Kohn reports.
Recent Polls indicate that Californians are likely to pass a ballot initiative to legalize Marijuana for recreational use in the 2016 November Election. Lt Governor Gavin Newsom and the Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy are holding a series of open forums on various issues to address public concern. One of those forum's was held in an impoverished part of Oakland to discuss Youth prevention and education. Pacifica's Mike Kohn reports.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Berkeley Releases Measure D Results

The city of Berkeley has released results based on its first month of earnings after the implementation of the tax on sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Scott Baba reports.

Immigrants Day Rally Urges New Pro-Immigrant Legislation

Several hundred immigrant rights activists gathered at the state capitol in Sacramento for the 19th Annual Immigrant Day. They’re pushing for legislation that would expand health care coverage to all Californians without regard to where they’re born, as well as other measures to help immigrants apply for citizenship and for relief from deportation under President Barak Obama’s recent executive orders. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Governor Brown's May Revise Budget Pleases Republicans, Disappoints Activists

Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his “May Revise” budget proposal Thursday at the state capitol, with more money for public schools and a new tax credit for low-income Californians. The spending plan would boost per-pupil spending by $3,000 above 2012 levels. Other new money would go to boost the state “rainy day” reserve fund by almost $2 billion. But despite a rosy revenue outlook that has grown by nearly $7 billion, Brown avoids new spending to restore past cuts to health and welfare programs. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

San Jose Tenant Activists Call for Stronger Rent Control

Tenant rights activists in San Jose want the city council to take prompt action to address the city’s housing crisis. They want the city to pass expanded tenant protections, including stronger rent control and a stronger anti-discrimination ordinance to protect tenants in subsidized rental units. Christopher Martinez reports from San Jose.