Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marijuana Legalization Is On the CA Ballot in November

A measure to legalize marijuana in California is headed to the November 2016 ballot. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom announced the ballot measure, known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which has garnered broad, bipartisan support across the state.

Reported by Corinne Smith in San Francisco, CA.

New Progressive Alliance Goes Against Corporate Lobbyists

A new alliance of progressive advocacy groups is pushing what they call “dream builder legislation.” It’s a package of bills on a range of issues from juvenile justice to health care, the environment, and welfare. They’re working to present an alternative to the pro-business California Chamber of Commerce’s annual list of so-called “job killer bills.” Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gun-Ammo Initiative Debate in Legislature

A proposed gun control ballot initiative now appears headed to the November ballot. State lawmakers held a joint Senate and Assembly public safety committee hearing on the issue at the state capitol. Supporters of the initiative say the measure would close loopholes in California’s strongest-in-the-nation gun control laws. Opponents say the measure would punish law-abiding citizen gun owners, but would be ignored by criminals. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Feds Drop Suit Against Nations Largest Marijuana dispensary

The US attorney’s office has dropped a four yearlong lawsuit against the nations largest medical marijuana dispensary after a 4 year legal battle. Steve De’Angelo was joined today by congress woman Barbara Lee and Oakland city officials in celebrating the dismissal of a lawsuit that has threatened to shut down the city’s second largest retail taxpayer. Pacifica’s Mike Kohn files this report.

Monday, May 2, 2016

San Jose Janitors: Strike Vote or 4 Year contract

Emotions ran high today as SEIU janitors voted whether to accept a contract hammered out late Sunday night.

Bakken Drilling Linked to Ethane Pollution

A new study shows that an oil and natural gas field in North Dakota and Montana has caused a rise in the pollutant ethane in the atmosphere.

SF State Students Protest Trump

Democrats protested Donald Trump's candidacy at San Francisco State University.

SFSU Students Start Hunger Strike Over Funding Cuts

Students at San Francisco State University began a hunger strike today as part of a demand for school administrators to set aside $8 million for the school’s College of Ethnic Studies. Scott Baba reports.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cruz Speaks at California GOP Convention, Endorsed by Pete Wilson

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz took to the stage Saturday at the California GOP convention. He was the last of the three remaining presidential candidates to make his pitch for support at the convention, hoping to pave the way for California’s June primaries. This year marks the first time in decades that California’s Republican primaries will play a deciding role in the presidential nomination. Christopher Martinez reports from Burlingame.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Following a successful rent strike last month, Concord tenants converged on the Pinza Group Property Managers in Walnut Creek on Friday to protest ongoing rent hikes, property neglect, and undue threats of eviction.

Reported by Corinne Smith.