Friday, May 27, 2016

Hilary Clinton Campaigns in San Jose; Focused on Trump

Hilary Clinton made a midday stop in San Jose on Thursday, putting all her focus on differentiating herself from her Republican opponent Trump.

President Obama's "Trillion Dollar Trainwreck"

Advocates of nuclear disarmament have jumped upon the President's Hiroshima visit as an opportunity to comment on his nuclear policy. Sarah Coduto reports.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Assembly Budget Would Hike Education, Welfare Spending

The state Assembly is proposing to boost spending for early childhood education and universities. Democratic Assembly leaders unveiled their new state budget proposal, largely building on Governor Jerry Brown’s budget estimates, but boosting spending for some education and anti-poverty programs. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Marijuana Initiative Would Legalize Adult Use

Legalizing marijuana could save California up to a billion dollars a year. That’s according to the state’s non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. Supporters and opponents of a proposed ballot initiative to legalize adult use of marijuana made their cases at a legislative hearing at the state capitol. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Truth Act Would Limit Police-Deportation Cooperation

Immigrant rights activists scored a victory Monday with an Assembly vote on the “Truth Act.” Assembly Bill 2792 aims at regulating the way local police and sheriff’s departments cooperate with immigration officials on deportation programs. Supporters say the bill closes a loophole in a California law and would help stem the tide of mass deportations. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Friday, May 20, 2016

CSU East Bay Students Ready to Vote

In CA, there is a big push to urge voters to register by the deadline, this Monday May 23, in order to vote in the June 7th Primary. At the Bernie Sander's "Rock the Campus" tour on the campus of California State University East Bay in Hayward CA, students shared their thoughts on this election, Donald Trump, and why they are supporting Bernie Sanders for President.

Reported by Corinne Smith

Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Gatto Introduces Legislation to Update Family-School Partnership Act

New legislation in California could give parents paid time off of work to participate in school-related activities and events. Sarah Coduto reports from Oakland.

San Luis Obispo Supervisors Narrowly Back Oil Train Terminal

San Luis Obispo County Supervisors informally approved on Monday a controversial oil train terminal proposed for the Phillips 66 refinery at the coastal town of Nipomo. The company seeks to bring in trainloads of oil from the Canadian tar sands and from North Dakota. In doing so, the county went against the recommendation of its own planning commission staff to deny a conditional use permit because of the negative environmental consequences documented in an environmental review of the project. The board did not take a formal vote but ordered staff to come up with mitigations that will allow the project to go forward. The specter of mile-long oil trains, a history of derailments in other places, and the potential for future disasters, has prompted citizen groups and municipal governments around the state to lend their opposition to the project. Vic Bedoian reports from Fresno.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders Drops in to Support Labor Rally in SF to Support Hotel Workers' Boycott

Bernie Sanders made an appearance in downtown San Francisco, addressing demonstrators marching to defend the right to unionize. Local labor groups, union members, and Bernie supporters rallied to back a boycott against the Le Meridien and Fisherman's Wharf Hyatt hotels who have refused to allow employees to form a union.

Reported by Corinne Smith, with support from Jordan Winters.

11 Gun Control Bills Passed by Senate

The state senate has passed a raft of gun control measures. The 11 bills include a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, and a bill to ban the so-called “bullet button” that supporters say was an end-run around California’s assault weapon ban. Some Democrats hope the bills will fend off a proposed ballot initiative they fear could draw more Republicans to vote in the November election. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.