Friday, February 5, 2016

BSU Irvine Protests a Meeting with UC President

Janet Napolitano, the president of the university of California met today with representatives from the black student unions on each of the UC campuses to talk about campus climate. But the Irvine campus Black Student Union was on the street below to protest the process, calling for the abolition of the police on campus.
Pacifica reporter, Nina Pareja, went to the UC office of the president building in downtown Oakland and met the Irvine Black Student Union.

Environmentalists Hold Federal and State Agencies Responsible for Flint Water Crisis

The director and communications director at the State Department of Environmental Quality resigned in December. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced the firing today of Liane Shekter Smith, the former chief of the DEQ's Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance who had previously been reassigned and later suspended; the department continues to review the actions of a second employee who was suspended last month.

A task force Snyder appointed to investigate the crisis has concluded that the state DEQ is primarily to blame for not requiring the chemicals that allowed lead to leach into the water.

But some environmentalists are not letting the Federal Environmental Protection Agency off the hook -- saying it bears at least part of the blame for the catastrophe.

Pacifica's Emma Riley has the story:

San Luis Obispo Planning Experts and Citizens Nix Oil Trains

Over 500 people from around State converged in San Luis Obispo Thursday with the goal of halting a project that would bring mile-long oil trains through the heart of their county, and through much of coastal California and western states. The staff of experts at the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission agrees, asking commissioners to deny the application from the Phillips 66 oil company to build a rail spur at their refinery to accommodate three trainloads of oil a week from undisclosed sources outside the state. Opponents say crude oil shipments would likely come from Canada’s tar sands or North Dakota Bakken crude. The controversy has sparked an outcry from citizen groups and professional organizations throughout the state and nation. Pacifica’s Vic Bedoian reports.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clinton, Sanders Meet in First 1-on-1 Debate

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off Thursday night in their first one-on-one debate. It comes days after the Iowa caucuses where Clinton narrowly edged ahead of Sanders, and leading democrat Martin O’Malley dropped out of the race. Christopher Martinez reports.

Bayview Residents Rallied Against Another Eviction

At the house of yet another Bayview family losing their home, protesters rallied today to condemn a federal agency's complicity in the displacement of people of color in the bay area. The Tello family is struggling to keep their home since the federal national mortgage association known as Fannie Mae bought back her predatory loan 5 years ago.
Pacifica reporter Nina Pareja was in the Bayview district and filed this report.

Super Bowl 50 Tent City Protest

Last night, several hundred people rallied at San Francisco’s Embarcadero to protest gentrification, police violence and the forcible removal of San Francisco’s homeless population for Super Bowl 50. Natalia Kresich was there, and files this report.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tuition-Free Community College Proposal Considered

State lawmakers are looking at ways to make community college more affordable, including the possibility of eliminating tuition and fees. They’re following up on President Barak Obama’s recent proposal to make two years of college tuition-free for some students. Christopher Martinez reports from Sacramento.

Super Bowl City Requires Increased Police Presence

Over the past several days, public transit riders around the Bay Area may have noticed an increased presence of law enforcement on mass transit systems. And if they wonder why, the answer is super bowl 50. According to law enforcement and officials, when a so-called national security event takes place in a public setting, security has to be reinforced, especially in high risk locations such as transportation sites where the potential of a terrorist threat is assessed to be high.
Pacifica reporter Nina Pareja was at the Bart embarcadero station today and met with law enforcement teams.

East Bay Representatives Demand BART Gets Its Finances in Order

State Senator Steven Glazer and thirty one other officials demanded that the BART board of Directors and Union leaders get their house in financial order before trying to convince two-thirds of Bay Area voters to approve new taxes to support the transportation system. Pacifica's Mike Kohn has more from Walnut Creek.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The State of Emergency Divides France

70 french cities held marches last weekend to protest against the renewal of the state of emergency. The controversial decree grants the executive branch extraordinary powers without judicial oversight, including house arrests without authorization from a judge, searches without a warrant and a ban on public gatherings. Authorities can also block websites deemed to promote terrorism without prior judicial authorization. French lawmakers agreed to extend the measures until the end of February after the November 13th Paris attacks which left 130 people dead and 300 others injured.
Pacifica reporter Nina Pareja has more and filed this report.