Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Tuesday, the National Labor Relations Board said McDonald’s Corporation is responsible for employment decisions, not the individual franchise owners. Oakland fast-food workers rallied outside the Lake Merritt McDonald’s this morning to demand higher wages, and to be able to unionize. Activists accused the multi-billion dollar company of keeping wages from workers, and called for the corporation to take responsibility for the hundreds of thousands of workers across the nation. Pacifica’s Rosalie Atkinson has more.

Macy's workers reject company plan to axe commissions

Nearly 1200 Macy’s department store workers at the Union Square and Stonestown Shopping Center stores in San Francisco are gearing up for a possible strike as bargaining for a new contract reached an impasse last week. The last multi-day strike at Macy’s was over 30 years ago.
By an overwhelming 88% margin, Macy’s workers rejected what the company called their “last best and final offer” July 17. The company wants to end the commission system for most employees. Macy’s also demanded that workers give up seniority rights in allocating additional work hours, and asked workers to agree to cuts in the company’s pensions contributions. (In the photo, Carol Harrison-Fine and Logan Hellein at Macy's Union Square store.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Medical Center needs funding

Governor's Mexico Trip Raises Hopes on Immigration, Climate Change Issues

Governor Jerry Brown has wrapped up his trade and investment mission to Mexico. Although the trip formally focused on trade, some of the most significant talk and agreements dealt with the issues of immigration and climate change, raising hopes of some environment and immigration rights activists in California. Christopher Martinez reports.

Oakland Council Votes Down a Gradual Minimum Wage Increase

The Oakland City Council Voted Down An Ordinance To Gradually Increase The Minimum Wage. However, This Is Seen As A Boost For A November Ballot Measure That Would Increase The Minimum Wage More Quickly. Marissa Ortega-Welch Reports.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Salinas Police Shootings Spark Call for Investigation

Civil rights lawyer John Burris is calling for a Federal investigation of what he calls a wave of police shootings in Salinas that have killed four Latinos in the last four months, shocking the community and devastating family members. Burris wants the feds to determine whether the shootings amount to a pattern of discriminatory law enforcement regarding the use of lethal force. Christopher Martinez reports from San Francisco.

Monday, July 28, 2014

San Bruno Claims Regulators Unethical in Pipeline Explosion Investigation

The City of San Bruno is calling for the removal of a top regulator in charge of investigating the gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people four years ago. The City has filed a complaint with the California Public Utilities Commission saying PUC president Michael Peavey and other top regulators colluded with PG&E as part of an illegal and unethical relationship. Christopher Martinez reports.

New EPA Settlement Wants to End Sewage Spilling into the Bay

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice are working with the cities and East Bay MUD to fix thousands of feet of rotted pipes, which are leaking unsanitary waste into the water that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Raw and semi-treated sewage has been flowing into the Bay for years. A new Clean Water Act settlement announced today at Crown Memorial State Beach in Alameda wants to stop the discharge and is holding East Bay Cities, and the East Bay Municipal Utilities District responsible for violating the Clean Water Act. Pacifica’s Rosalie Atkinson has more.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Botched Execution in Arizona Raises More Questions About Lethal Injection

Arizona has suspended executions while an investigation is conducted after the execution of an inmate this week lasted nearly two hours. Arizona Republican Senator John McCain today called the execution of Joseph Wood “torture,” though he reiterated his support of capitol punishment for certain crimes. It took almost two hours for Wood to die after receiving the lethal injection, and witnesses described him as gasping for breath and snorting. Supporters and opponents of the death penalty say the prolonged execution earlier this week is not likely to bring about the end of capitol punishment. Activists say Wood's execution is the third botched execution by lethal injection this year. Dialynn Dwyer has more.

New Study Says Humans Are Putting Earth on the Verge of Next Great Extinction Event

A new study released Thursday says current extinction rates are challenging those of the massive extinction that killed the dinosaurs roughly 66 million years ago. Researchers say that factors such as climate change, habitat destruction, and displacement are man-made murderers of thousands of species of animals. Studies show that animals of all kinds from small invertebrates such as beetles and worms to pandas or tigers are disappearing between one hundred to a thousand times more quickly than they would if they were to die off naturally. Pacifica's Rosalie Atkinson has more.