Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Last Step in The Nieto VS SF City and County Trial: Jury is Deliberating

Attorneys gave their closing arguments today in the trial of the family of Alex Nieto VS the city and county of San Francisco. Elvira and refugio Nieto filed a lawsuit over the death of their son, Alex Nieto, who was fatally shot at least 48 times by San Francisco police 2 years ago. The jury of 6 women and 2 men is now deliberating the verdict. The jury will have to unanimously determine whether the 4 officers involved in the shooting used unreasonable force against 28-year-old Nieto and if it is, determine an amount of damages for the Nieto's parents. Defense for the city says the officers used reasonable force and did not violate Nieto's civil rights because they followed their training, responding to an imminent threat, they said Nieto pointed a weapon at them, and appropriately responded using lethal force.
Pacifica's Nina Pareja was at the trial and filed this report.