Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Last Witnesses At the NIeto's VS SF City and County Trial

Testimony in the Nieto's vs San Francisco city and county trial wrapped up today. The defense, the city, brought its 3 last witnesses today, 2 dog walkers and a paid police expert.
Elvira and Refugio Nieto are filling a lawsuit in the death of their son, Alex Nieto, fatally shot multiple times by the San Francisco police department 2 years ago. The 4 officers involved in the shooting have always stated they followed their training. They said they approached Nieto after receiving a call about a Latino man walking in Bernal heights park with a gun attached to his hip. Then, they said he refused to comply with the order to showing his hands forcing them to start shooting as they thought Nieto was reaching for his holster. The Nieto's say the officers used unreasonable force against a lone man who was in fact armed only with a taser to go to his job as a security guard
Pacifica's Nina Pareja was at the trial and filed this report.