Saturday, July 18, 2015

Taylor Farms workers fight firings, surveillance, discrmination in union organizing drive

Taylor farms is the largest fresh-cut fruit and vegetable producer in the U.S. with 10,000 employees and $1.8 billion in revenue. They grow, process and package salads and vegetables for McDonalds, Safeway, and countless school districts and food suppliers across the nation.
When workers at Taylor Farms in Tracy California decided to form a union in 2013, they didn’t think they would be in for a bitter years-long battle with the company including numerous charges of firings, intimidation and other illegal behavior by the company. After all, Taylor Farms had long recognized and worked with the union at its plants 100 miles south in Salinas.
In fact, the union campaign in Tracy has been one of the bitterest fights in the agriculture industry in recent memory, and the final resolution of the conflict will be made at the highest levels of the National Labor Relations Board. Tom Herriman reports from Tracy.
(Photo, Brenda Vega and Armida Galeana).