Friday, July 24, 2015

Richmond Passes Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction

After several months of public, often contentious debate, the City of Richmond joined San Francisco, Oakland and a few other California cities in passing a rent control and just cause eviction proposal at its regular meeting July 21. Rent increases above the overall consumer price index will be prohibited, though numerous exemptions will allow landlords to pass through increases in taxes, capital improvements and other expenses. The Just Cause eviction measure will require property owners to have a clear justifiable reason for evicting a tenant, as opposed to current law where property owners do not have to show a cause for eviction. The rent control ordinance will apply to 9,900 apartments and houses…about 40% of the city’s rental units. Any houses built after 1995 are exempt according to state law. The just cause section applies to all rental situations. Tom Herriman Reports from Richmond. Photo, Mayor Tom Butt consults with Vinay Pimple as Council prepares to vote on rent control.