Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NLRB says Wal Mart's firing of Richmond asociate Raymond Bravo was illegal

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a small avalanche of decisions in recent weeks favorable to unions and working people including calling McDonalds Corporation a Joint employer of workers in every McDonalds outlet; strengthening the rights of teachers at private colleges to join a union, and…right here in the Bay Area… finding that 25 year old Raymond Bravo, an overnight maintenance associate at the Walmart store in Richmond store was illegally fired for wearing a union t-shirt on the job.
Raymond Bravo and several other Wall Mart workers and their supporters celebrated the National Labor Relations Board decision in his case with a recent demonstration at the Walmart store in Richmond’s Hill top Mall where Bravo had worked until he was fired in 2012. Tom Herriman reports from Richmond.(Photo: Raymond Bravo outside the Richmond Wal Mart.)