Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workers and community push East Oakland supermarket to live up to its promises

East Oakland residents were thrilled when a brand new sparkling 80,000 square foot Foodsco supermarket opened at MacArthur and 106th Avenue in Foothill Square in March. The area had not had a full service market for many years. But the thrill has faded as workers claim the company has backed down on pledges to recognize a workers union if they wanted one, provide paid health insurance and offer $13 an hour wages.
Organizers with Local 5 of the United Food and Commercial workers say that a majority of workers at the store have signed union cards, but the company, a Kroger subsidiary, has refused to recognize the union, and wages are hovering slightly above the statewide $9 an hour minimum.
Tom Herriman reports from East Oakland.
Photo: Nimoy Goodlow speaks to workers and supporters at Foodsco rally in East Oakland.