Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bay Delta Conservation Plan Gathers Public Feedback in Fresno

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan, or BDCP, is the Brown administration’s comprehensive attempt to resolve the problem of providing water for Valley farmers and metropolitan residents, while restoring the delicate ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The 34 thousand page document, has taken seven years to develop. The centerpiece is a huge tunnel system under the Delta, to divert water directly from the Sacramento River into the state’s water infrastructure going south. Twelve meetings will be held throughout the state over the next two months for public review and comment. The controversial plan is being pushed by Westside Valley agricultural districts and Southern California water marketing agencies. It is broadly opposed in the Delta by the region’s cities and farmers as well as by fishing and recreation advocates. Northern California farmers and most of the state’s environmental groups are also critical of the plan. BDCP officials kicked off the statewide tour in Fresno on Wednesday. Vic Bedoian filed this report.