Thursday, November 7, 2013

Save City College By Jae Michael

Halloween 2013,100 residents from the hard hit mission and Bernal Heights and neighborhood took the to the streets Thursday carrying Banners and signs and marched to City Hall. To Deliver thousand of postcards to Mayor Lee to join the fight to protect city college and the 80 students that it servers. The college is currency appealing the closure decision, and two law suits seeking an injunctions to keep the college open are pending against ACCJC.. Antonetta Bryant, president of transit Union local 1555, spoke out at the march and show her concerns about the closing of City College.
CCSF Students Marched.
Alisa Messer the union President of California Federation of Teachers said it would be really spooky day if City College did not exist. She also wanted Ed Lee to speak up and show his supports.