Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anti-Foreclosure Activists Target Bank of America in Los Angeles County

Activist groups across the country are rallying against Bank of America demanding that government officials hold it accountable for the foreclosure crisis. Thousands of people gathered outside of Bank of America’s annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday. Meanwhile, home defenders and grassroots organizations in California have targeted local shareholder meetings. Dozens of people rallied outside of a Bank of America meeting in downtown Los Angeles. It’s part of a series of actions that began last night with activists visiting the Pasadena home of a Bank of America executive. Occupy LA members say they want to show decision-makers at the financial giant the human face of the crisis. Pacifica’s Ernesto Arce was at a foreclosure symposium hosted by the ACLU, and Occupy LA last night. He files this report from Pasadena.